Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The worst distraction for drivers and children

Hi, today I'm going to talk all about the worst distraction for kids and grown ups.

Video games

First, this one is famous to children like me, video games. Video games are fun and all but it's really just a big distraction because what if you were going somewhere? You would slack and be late and nobody likes that. And that's the problem. 

Parents can solve this by having the children not play for a while. That worked for me. My PS3 has been off for 3 weeks so that trick worked good on me to help me stay focused on what's really important. So now I am going to show you a video. This video is going to show what the worst distraction for drivers is.


There are a lot of distractions.
A distraction can be anything that stops you from doing what you’re really supposed to be doing, like homework, spending time with God, blogging, or working.

Remember folks don't have these distractions (especially for driving). Until next time my friends, be safe and stay focused.

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Lovlear Jones said...

I love this massage and I think all kids and parents should try this out!!

Sharvonna said...

I love it Jalen!

Jalen said...

Thank you Lovlear Jones and thank you for reading!

Jalen said...

Thank you Sharvonna I truly appreciate that.

Leo Arntz said...

Great solution!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed this safety reminder. Very touching when hearing this from a child's perspective and even admitting to your own flaws on being distracted. That's maturirt: taking responsibility for your own actions and the willingness to share it with others. I appreciate this. I'll do better. Thanks👍