Monday, April 6, 2015

The iPad friendly kid

Hey Jalen here again, I wanted to tell you what my favorite iPad apps are, because I think you will like them because they are fun. My first one is Rayman Jungle Run because you run from the giant plant it looks like this;

I recommend that you should play this at 5-16 years old.
I just got this new fishing game and now it's one of my favorites my mom will insert the link here, (thanks mom) in this game you catch fish and the pelican takes them if you take too long;
I recommend that you should play this at 4-8.
 Another fav is the bible app for kids because its fun! I recommend that you should play this at 3-10.

Recycle Hero is another fav, I like this because you recycle and catch the trash and put it in the trash bins and you have to use your brain. There are a lot of different worlds - one world is yogopolis isn't that a cool name? I recommend you play this at 3- 7.. no 10 (I changed it because I'm already 7 and I don't want it to be my last year).
If you like math as much as I do then you'll like the math zombie game app, I recommend this for 7-16 here's a picture:
Now that you know my favorite apps, which games do you like? Oh and I like Mario on my DS, but we'll save that for another post. Thanks for reading... ciao!



Anonymous said...

I like your bloopers! I especially liked how AJ was trying to help you. :)
Ms. Lorinda

Jalen said...

Why thank you Ms. Lorinda.