Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Giving to others.

Hello my readers, today I am going to talk to you about how I felt when I was giving to others.
I will share my story with you... I seen a man sitting on the ground outside of an empty building in the cold and I was shocked and sad for him because I just thought that he needed something. And he needed something that could change his life or at least his night so I was thinking that I wanted to do something to help. I have seen other people sleeping on the streets before and I don't know why, but what ever the reason is I want to try to help. I remember when my grandpa gave his shoes off of his feet to give to a man that had no shoes on, my grandpa went to school with him when he was younger and I always think of that time. I felt really happy and it put smiles on everyones face when you help. That is what I want to do. This was a really great experience. So to give back what I did was I put supplies in a bag. 
The supplies I put in were toothpaste, toothbrush, pocket tissue, socks, lotion, granola bars, water bottles and chex mix.

I gave it to the homeless man and he shared it with a friend. Those people were sure happy. I like seeing smiles on peoples faces. 
I wanted to share these stories with you because I believe in this quote Just because we can’t help everyone doesn’t mean we shouldn’t help someone.” No matter how small we are we can make a change.  

So how will you give to others this week? Share your story in the comments.
"Be The Good"

Thanks to Marie Forleo for sharing kindness and sharing what Mother's Day is all about. #IStandWithLove #MothersDay #TheCompassionCollective

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