Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Reduce, reuse and recycle.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The digestive system

There are many ways to describe the human body. Have you ever wondered what happens when you eat food and how it reacts in your body? Well take a guess and really think about how food reacts in your body. Time to start the action, so as soon as you eat your food the food travels down your throat (esophagus), into your stomach where it turns your food into liquid called chyme and this is where your stomach kills any bacteria that get in there. Next after that I know that the food is done traveling through the stomach and into the small intestine to get the minerals out of the food. Then here comes the large intestine, the large intestine is where it all gets built up as a solid then it all comes out.

Here is a video that helped me understand the digestive system better and I would like you to watch it because I think that it might help you too.

What do you know about the digestive system?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What is the point of brushing your teeth everyday?

This week is for anyone that doesn't like to brush their teeth, not my readers of course because you like to. But you can share with other people that don't like to.

It is important to brush your teeth because if you don't brush your teeth you will have rotten teeth. When you drink dark soda you will have rotten teeth.  Please don't drink dark soda. You have to brush your teeth 3 times a day. How many minutes do you  have to brush your teeth you ask? Two is the answer.

Since you're my reader then you're a leader so if you know someone that doesn't like to brush, try to help them. Here's some tips.

Get a toothbrush that has lights on it, I had one that lit up then went off when two minutes passed. 

I had other toothbrushes that had spiderman, spongebob, and other characters and matching character toothpaste.

Make a game- if you brush your teeth the whole time and brush them the best then you win.

Oh and one last thing, don't be afraid of dentists they are very helpful and keep your teeth healthy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Last week, while I was at Barnes & Noble I picked out a book called "Never Ask A Dinosaur to Dinner" and I liked it.

So I decided to do more research about dinosaurs and blog about these interesting creatures.

Dinosaurs ruled the world a long time ago. Dinosaurs have big teeth to eat their prey. Sometimes a dinosaurs prey is another dinosaur and others eat eggs and plants. The t-rex was the strongest dinosaur. Some dinosaurs are big and tall some dinosaurs are small. Some dinosaurs could actually fly, like the pterodactyl. Some dinosaurs can stretch their neck backwards to their back bone. The smallest dinosaur is one meter long. The word dinosaur means terrible lizard in Greek.

If I could be a dinosaur, I would be a velociraptor because it runs fast. Three velociraptors defeated one t-rex in the movie Jurassic World.

Which dinosaurs do you like?