Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My favorite exercises

Hi there I'm back to tell you about my workout and I think you'll like it! Before I tell you about my workout let me tell you why it's important to exercise. It's important to exercise so that you will be strong and not weak, it is good for your body and you need to drink water to help your muscles grow and to not be dehydrated. After school I get my homework done and then I start my workout. Sometimes I feel tired and don't want to exercise, but I just do it anyway and take a nap after.

Here are my favorite exercises

10 push-upsMan doing push-ups

40 jump n jacks Girl doing jump n jacks

10 cherry pickersBoy doing cherry pickers exercise

15 sit-ups Man doing sit-ups with friend

My number one favorite is bike riding A boy and a girl riding a bikes

What exercises do you like?


Shameka Hatcher said...

My favorite excersise is riding my's fun and it's the best way to stay in shape.

Kia said...

My favorite exercise is walking. I like to be outside, enjoying creation, and listening to music. Walking allows me to go at my own pace too! So it's perfect!!
How do you ensure you're drinking enough water while you're at school?

Jalen said...

I agree.👍

Jalen said...

I make sure by drinking water at recess and I bring water bottles with me so I can be healthy💪