Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What is the point of brushing your teeth everyday?

This week is for anyone that doesn't like to brush their teeth, not my readers of course because you like to. But you can share with other people that don't like to.

It is important to brush your teeth because if you don't brush your teeth you will have rotten teeth. When you drink dark soda you will have rotten teeth.  Please don't drink dark soda. You have to brush your teeth 3 times a day. How many minutes do you  have to brush your teeth you ask? Two is the answer.

Since you're my reader then you're a leader so if you know someone that doesn't like to brush, try to help them. Here's some tips.

Get a toothbrush that has lights on it, I had one that lit up then went off when two minutes passed. 

I had other toothbrushes that had spiderman, spongebob, and other characters and matching character toothpaste.

Make a game- if you brush your teeth the whole time and brush them the best then you win.

Oh and one last thing, don't be afraid of dentists they are very helpful and keep your teeth healthy.


Edward said...

Awesome post. Thanks for your sharing and please keep sharing.

Janet said...

Great advice the light up timer brushes worked for my littles tonight! Thank you

Jalen said...

Well you know sharing is caring so I'll do what I can to share. Thanks for reading!

Jalen said...

Hi Janet that post was helpful to me and I thank you for leaving a comment, I appreciate it.