Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Last week, while I was at Barnes & Noble I picked out a book called "Never Ask A Dinosaur to Dinner" and I liked it.

So I decided to do more research about dinosaurs and blog about these interesting creatures.

Dinosaurs ruled the world a long time ago. Dinosaurs have big teeth to eat their prey. Sometimes a dinosaurs prey is another dinosaur and others eat eggs and plants. The t-rex was the strongest dinosaur. Some dinosaurs are big and tall some dinosaurs are small. Some dinosaurs could actually fly, like the pterodactyl. Some dinosaurs can stretch their neck backwards to their back bone. The smallest dinosaur is one meter long. The word dinosaur means terrible lizard in Greek.

If I could be a dinosaur, I would be a velociraptor because it runs fast. Three velociraptors defeated one t-rex in the movie Jurassic World.

Which dinosaurs do you like?


Edward said...

I remember that scene in Jurassic Park! If I were a dinosaur I'd be a Brachiosarus.

Soudaphone Jenny Sengthavongsouk said...

I just watched the movie Jurassic Park! Awesome post!

Jalen said...

I never heard of that dinosaur it sounds pretty awesome I will have to look that one up. Thanks for reading Edward

Jalen said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks for stopping by my blog, what was your favorite dinosaur?