Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Favorite Shows on Netflix

Favorite Netflix Shows

Happy New Year!

To start this year I have decided to share my top 5 favorite Netflix shows with you. 

Number 5 is Bill Nye because it is all about science from an actual scientist that does experiments on many things and I have learned a lot. Number 4 is Zoo Clues, the reason that I enjoy watching this show is because it gives animal facts and gives random quizzes to test your knowledge and memory skills. Number 3 is Wild Kratts because the main characters are brothers that turn into animals with creature powers that shows what makes the animal unique. A show that I like watching with friends is Brain Games, it is addicting because it gives you brain teasers and makes you think about normal things in different ways. So that was number two, now we're down to number 1 it is Planet Earth planetary science is my favorite subject and this show gives facts on how the earth was created.

I rarely watch t.v. because I prefer to play. As you may notice, most of these shows are nonfictional, with the exception of the cartoon characters of Wild Kratts, mainly because I like to watch real life scenes.

Thanks for reading! See ya next week

So, what are your favorite t.v. shows?



Aaron Anderson said...

Nice Top 5! I also enjoy watching some of your favorite shows such as Brain Games and Planet Earth! Great choice in keeping what you watch educational and Realistic! There is a lot of interesting facts to learn about the world we live in and these shows cover a great amount of information helpful to learning those facts! Great blog, looking forward to see whats up next week!

Aunt Lynn said...

Hey Jalen I like your top 5 list. I watched Wild Kratts for the first time last week with your cousin Kelan. He was intrigued and he danced to the music. I am so proud of you, and admire your eagerness to learn. I'm happy that Netflex offer these educational programs. Keep it up and you will someday bring forth extraordinary works in the world!������

Kally Dunn said...

So awesome Jalen! I loved Bill Nye the science guy! Especially the theme song lol. But I love shows like Planet Earth. The planet we live on is so awesome and there are so many things to learn about and explore so thank you for sharing that one. I have netflix too so I will definitely check that one out. Thank you for sharing! :)

Jalen said...

Hi Aaron, first thanks for complimenting me on my choices and thanks for reading my blog to get the information.

Jalen said...

Hi Aunt Lynn thanks for reading and I truly appreciate you spending time on my blog. I'm glad that you liked Wild Kratts and shared it with my cousin.

Jalen said...

Kally Dunn, I'm so glad that you watched Bill Nye the Science Guy, it's a great show and thanks for reading my blog. What are your favorite shows?