Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fresno City College Festival

So last week my mom and I went to support our friend at Fresno City college. Our friend makes clothes for people to wear and sells them, I think it takes a lot of work to do that and she does a really good job. They had many different people selling things at the college on this day. I bought a small golden elephant it originated from Thailand that I placed on my backpack, it looks pretty cool. There were other handmade things like dinosaurs and dragons made from rope that was sold at this tent.

 I also bought some plants which were awesome to see, I have one that I really like it's called a peace lily it was 3 dollars. The other one I bargain shopped for by asking the price which the seller said it was 5 dollars I counted my money and I only had 3 dollars so I asked the price of a different plant and the lady said if you want I will sell this plant for 3 dollars now, so I got the plant that I originally wanted for a cheaper price as a bargain shopper.
Here's a picture of me showing my plants to my class.

I also bought a wooden sword from the festival it is really awesome it's like a real sword and it was 12 dollars pretty cheap huh? There are festivals every year! I'm looking forward to seeing what else there is next year! Thank you for reading, bye.


Soudaphone Jenny Sengthavongsouk said...

I love this! Great post Jalen:) Keep it up👍

Lovlear Jones said...

Awwww it looks like You had a awesome time and I really enjoyed reading this you rock!!!

Jalen said...

I love this comment. That's nice of you to say and thanks for supporting me Jenny.

Jalen said...

Thank you and you did a good job you rock too.